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I have just polished off a delicious bowl of fresh strawberries and cream

It would seem that January is strawberry season in Japan. Odd.

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Oh please…

I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks the new rules forbidding airline passengers from getting out of their seats in the last hour of a flight is an utterly pointless and ridiculous rule. I also heard a rumour … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas

I’m off for some mulled wine and a traditional Japanese Christmas lunch of KFC. Enjoy your turkey and trimmings, don’t drink too little and, when you fall asleep in front of the fire, remember to wake up in time for … Continue reading

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The rights of convicts should be placed above the wishes of victims.

Now there’s a sentiment guaranteed to put a few backs up; I suppose I’d better explain myself. Please bear with me because first we must go back to basics. When someone commits a crime there are two considerations that determine … Continue reading

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WARNING: more extreme atheism from Tim Minchin

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I have no doubts whatsoever…

…that the intelligent and considerate people who read this blog believe in global warming, believe it is caused by us and believe it is something we need to stop, or the consequences will be serious. However, just in case a … Continue reading

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It’s Geek Week at Going on a Bear Hunt.

This is a poster showing some of the metabolic processes going on inside you right now, as well as some of the ones going on inside that pot plant on the window sill. I find the pathways and reactions themselves … Continue reading

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Please forgive a brief foray into plane spotterishness…

… but I do think the new Boeing Dreamliner has very attractive wings. They look so very much like swallows.

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You should follow this link to the original, it has an amusing mouseover.

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Tim Minchin

I love this, especially the bit about being 9000 miles from home, although the white wine in the sun bit doesn’t really work in the northern hemisphere. Warning: contains extreme atheism

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