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Wow. What a fantastic birthday weekend Thanks folks. Here are a few photos of the truly amazing birthday cake Beteheru made me. The photos just don’t do it justice. Individually crafted grains of rice?! Someone needs a hobby… It may … Continue reading

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Good luck Barack, you’ll be needing it!

Today I handed in my notice for work (March 19th) and also my house (March 21st). It made it all seem very real. I’ve also been sorting out banking stuff for here while I’m away.  It’s been a bit of … Continue reading

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Exercising restraint

I have been told that I should post every day, mind you; I have also been told that I am like a strange combination of Will Self and Steven Fry.  All this goes to show is that you shouldn’t believe … Continue reading

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A beginning

Well, welcome to The Blog.  Forgive me if this first post is a touch waffley, I’m new to this. Let’s get the obvious question out of the way first… Why have I chosen to call my blog “Going on a … Continue reading

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