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And the prize for best feedback goes to…

Daniru! Who correctly identified that, while they are excellent drawings of crysanths, if they were in fact meant to be roses, perhaps I need a bit more practice It doesn’t matter though, it appear nameless “flower” was good enough to … Continue reading

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A busy weekend

A couple more, the product of the weekend’s labours… On an entirely unrelated note, I am catching up with lots of you over the next few weekends and that has made me think again about having to move away from … Continue reading

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Can you tell what it is yet?!

Wow.  It didn’t take long for this to story to mutate into something bigger than just a travel blog! I had some good news on Friday.  It seems my journey from scientist to artist may be shorter than I at … Continue reading

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Japanese bureaucracy: some of the finest in the world

I have a feeling bureaucracy is something I am going to have to get used to[1]; I have already filled in and sent back 3 forms, if I try and book my plane ticket myself then JSPS won’t pay[2] and, before I can … Continue reading

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A little quote…

“We may hate it but ‘Yeah, right!’ is one of the pithiest phrases in the English language.  It manages to say everything in 2 words that “Excuse me, but I find what you are saying to be dubious in the … Continue reading

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Dream Chasing

No, I’m not talking about drugs. I just heard back from IDEO. My perseverance paid off and they finally explained why they rejected me out-of-hand. I have never been so pleased to be rejected Basically, they’ve pulled the job, credit … Continue reading

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Lab Practical

I was musing on my way to work the other morning about the nature of the universe, as you do, and I had a thought*… Evolution doesn’t contradict the second law of thermodynamics because evolution leads to systems that dissipate … Continue reading

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Fully Present

I have been following this blog by Bob Sutton.  I really like it because, although it is nominally about good management, a lot of the advice is more generally applicable.  I guess being a good manager is at least 97% … Continue reading

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Bed Socks

I seem to have one very dedicated (or possibly deranged) follower who is disappointed with my lack of posting, so here you go Chiyoi, this one’s for you… Nothing much has changed on the Japan front, although I have bought … Continue reading

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I really hope my UK Wii can be made to work in Japan

Today is a momentous day – it may be one of the most important days of my life. I can’t imagine much that could top this, I mean, this really is a once in a lifetime experience… Yup you guessed … Continue reading

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