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On mobile phones and other things.

I have spent several hours diligently giving my phone the benefit of the doubt and doing my best to grow to love it. I have succeeded in some ways, but it seems that Softbank (in their wisdom) have replaced the … Continue reading

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*sigh* or maybe *sob*

I went out and bought a phone last night. I saw an advert for the Samsung Omnia with Softbank and decided that, if I couldn’t have an iPhone, then this was the best I was going to get. It’s supposed … Continue reading

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"Buy one internet connection, get fridge free"

Rain didn’t stop play after all. I got a last minute email saying the man with the truck had a tarp’ and we were back on. The story doesn’t end there but I don’t have time to tell it all … Continue reading

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Rain stops play

I am moving into my new apartment today. However, it is chucking it down, which means I can’t collect all my new stuff from the lovely guy who was giving/selling it to me :(. No nice comfy sofa for me … Continue reading

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Tokyo tourism

Some photos of things to see around Tokyo: Statue of a Samurai Tokyo Rainbow Bridge (name decided by committee) Tokyo’s very own Statue of Liberty. Apparently they borrowed the original from the banks of the Seine for “France Day” some … Continue reading

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News Agencies *sigh*

Oh so very very true: I have photos and stuff from today, I will upload them tomorrow.

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Free Stuff

I went second hand stuff buying for my new apt. today.  I met a very nice man called Ken who has sold me his washing machine for £7.  He also sold me a standard lamp, a toaster/grill oven thing and … Continue reading

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So, yesterday we went here: I took this photo from the temple: We ate Yuba, which was delicious, and had a lovely stroll around some of the traditional shops near the temple.  I got stopped by a school party … Continue reading

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How LOW will they GO? (Repeat ad infinitum)

Another piece of scholarly journalism from the Daily Mail.  One wonders how the author was able to miss the irony that hangs miasmatic* over his writing. Today I have been to Kyoto, I will post more details and some photos … Continue reading

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An off-day for the Co-op?

About ten days ago I attempted to transfer some money from my UK bank account to my Japanese one.  I asked for £x to be exchanged to Yen and then transferred.  What I got, was x Yuan*. Bless. Plus points … Continue reading

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