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Er. Yay?

I just received word that climbing Fuji San tomorrow is a go. That means I have to actually go through with it now *gulp*

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July is firework festival month. I met up with a couple of folk to go to Tokyo’s biggest display, some 25000 fireworks and 900000 people. We pitched up at an area cordoned off and with a window through the skyscrapers … Continue reading

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It’s official, summer is here, the rainy season is over and the cicadas are out. They’ve been out on campus for nearly a fortnight but today, as one, the ones outside my apartment have appeared. I also found a huge … Continue reading

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Funny YouTube clip: I am supposed to be going to work, not watching funny videos poking fun a quacks on YouTube but it is absolutely caining it down and I can’t currently think of a way of getting to work … Continue reading

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Nishoku (lit. sun eating)

It wasn’t looking good first thing this morning when it was absolutely chucking down, but, in the event, the rain had stopped and the level of cloud cover was just perfect to make naked eye viewing possible. Awesome, my first … Continue reading

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The moment you have all* been waiting for…

I think I finally have most of the furniture I’m going to want and I’ve just had a good tidy, so now’s the time you finally get to see some photos of my apartment: And a pretty sunset I took … Continue reading

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It’s not so hot today, a mere 29C. Not that you’d know it, the humidity is the worst since I arrived. Even the natives are feeling it now, the only escape is the inside and aircon. It’s a miserable day, … Continue reading

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Atsui des ne?*

You know it’s hot when your eyelids start sweating. In other news, I have just found this blog entry: It’s a blog I’m new to, so I haven’t explored it much yet, but it comes recommended by Bob Sutton, … Continue reading

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A sensitive topic

I have discovered an unexpected problem with clothes shopping in Japan. Size was always going to be an issue, but I have found a couple of places that go up high enough and I even managed to find trousers in … Continue reading

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Blogging from my phone.

Why? Because I can! – Post From My iPhone

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