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Today’s TED gem

If anyone has any idea how he does any of this I’d love to know… I have watched and watched the hand trick at the start of the video and the best I can come up with is that he … Continue reading

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FBB (and 100th post)

Well, with full feeling finally back in all my toes and an overcast and drizzly day, I finally decided I’d run out of excuses not to try for a new FBB. Furthermore, I had a new running technique to try … Continue reading

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Faith and science

I believe the majority of people who read this are atheists, but I think I also have a few readers who are religious too. I generally stay away from the issue here, but I have a question I would like … Continue reading

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Free Stuff!

Have some free fruit and other yummy stuff delivered to your door: Just input this code: J7FQPFW You get one free box and one half priced box and I get £1 off my next order or to donate to … Continue reading

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This one’s for you Chauy

Chauy says it’s been a while since I wrote anything, so here you are: Japan has some really odd takes on western food. It isn’t really fusion food; there isn’t much about it that’s Japanese, it’s just western food rotated … Continue reading

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And then better…

I’m loving the outpouring of affection for the NHS on Twitter. #welovetheNHS went from third to top on their trends list as I watched. We love to whinge about it but it would seem that only we are allowed to … Continue reading

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It gets worse

I don’t know why I have become so interested in Obama’s fight for American health care reform. Perhaps because I am so appalled at the lengths some people will go to derail the greater good for personal gain, perhaps because … Continue reading

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Wha..? why? What the…?

How on earth did America become convinced that health care for all = government sanctioned euthansia?? The scenes of reasonable, logical and moral people doing their best to convince an ignorant minority that they have been the victims of an … Continue reading

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‘Portentous’ and other words.

Eerie, ominous, sinister, awesome, disquieting, cataclysmic, apocalyptic, baleful, calamitous, gloomy, ill-boding, unpropitious, forbidding, glowering, sullen, threatening, lugubrious, pensive, oppressive, malevolent, malignant, pernicious, baleful and maleficent*. Have you ever seen such a foreboding sky? * I saved my favourite for last. … Continue reading

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Cicadas have quite a long life cycle*, the nymphs burrow under ground where they live for around five years, they then exit their burrow, climb a plant and moult one last time into the adult morph. The old skins stay … Continue reading

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