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Awkward silence…

My parent’s neighbour said hello to me over the fence today. She asked how I was and then observed “Your eyes haven’t gone all slitty yet then?”.

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My art course has started and, exactly on cue, my digital camera has broken and the company* I was supposed to be buying a new laptop from inexplicably cancelled my order. Both of these are very important as it’s an … Continue reading

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The next installment is coming I promise, but I’ve been busy and I want to devote the time it deserves to it. In the mean time, here is todays XKCD comic, I found it a little too close to home… … Continue reading

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I didn’t make it out on Tuesday. Or Wednesday or Thursday. But I did make it out this evening. Same drill as last time, I think I went about the same distance in the time, but I wound in and … Continue reading

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I have just heard that we will be unable to do much if any ordering of lab supplies between December and April. Apparently this is because all grants must be spent by the end of the financial year and, in … Continue reading

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Or, and I know this is a long shot…

Here is my favourite news article from the BBC for today: I have another suggestion on how Japan can tackle its looming worker shortage. Given that there is currently a man dressed in the uniform of a traffic controller … Continue reading

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Double poster today

I had to share this, it’s simply incredible: Willard Wigan on TED The first half is interesting from a biographical perspective but it really gets good about 12 minutes in when he starts showing examples of his work. There’s more … Continue reading

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Here is The Prince’s Foundation for Integrated Health’s response to the recent press release on homeopathy by WHO: There is one sentence in particular I take issue with: “Even if the effects of homeopathy are entirely due to the … Continue reading

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