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A little light relief from the previous post

A lovely video of Starlings flocking on Otmoor in Oxford. That’s better isn’t it?

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Superfreakonomics witch-hunt?

I have watched with interest the controversy over the global warming chapter in Superfreakonomics, the much awaited sequel to Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. At first, I believed the hype and I was very discouraged, I love Freakonomics … Continue reading

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I have an answer

The BBC most definitely did the right thing and N(D)ick Griffin was shown to be a slimy and manipulative scum bag. Unfortunately, Jack Straw also wriggled and prevaricated, Baroness Warsi was accused of significant homophobia and didn’t fully deny it … Continue reading

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Should we censor the BNP?

Their opinions and actions are vile and I don’t want to see them given any more of a voice than they have already. On the other hand, by denying them their right to free speech (and their right to fair … Continue reading

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Some other bits and bobs

Quite a lot of the first few activities have been based on finding small areas of larger photos and drawing small sketches of them, I’m not uploading them all because most of them are rubbish, here are a couple though: … Continue reading

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A good year for spiders?

Apparently this year has been a bumper year for huge spiders in the UK – I certainly saw my fair share whilst at home last month. Nothing I saw over those three weeks compared to this beauty though, spotted whilst … Continue reading

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More arty stuffs

For various reasons, I’d got behind on the course before I’d really got going, so I’m having a catchup weekend. Here’s today’s first effort: It’s a conte crayon “tonal” drawing, as compared to last night’s line one.

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Getting creative

I said I’d post the various bits and bobs I did for the art course up here. This isn’t my first drawing, but it’s the first that was big enough to be worth posting, the others have all been warm … Continue reading

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Personal Branding

As promised, my thoughts on personal branding 2.0: Personal branding has been around for a decade now. Briefly, it is the idea that you are your own brand and, if you pay attention to the impression you are giving at … Continue reading

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Apparently I am supposed to connect my blog with Twitter and Facebook otherwise I’m not a Real Blogger. I’m ignoring all the other advice about (im)personal branding* because I don’t want to appear to be some sort of inhuman drone. … Continue reading

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