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Some more art

There’s only just under 2 weeks of the first semester of my course left now so I’ve taken the week of work and am busting an art gut for the next few days. Here’s some of my recent bits and … Continue reading

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I am so very VERY sorry…

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If I am found to be actually awake after 23 years apparently in a coma…

… please Please PLEASE don’t get a “facilitated communicator” to help me write a book. Well, I was going to write a post about Rom Houben, and the discovery that he’s actually been concious for the last 23 years, but … Continue reading

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Uh-oh… it’s one of the Big Two!

I’ve stayed away from religion (mostly) but this is going to be a full blown post on politics, so watch out… One of my previous commenters mentioned 38 degrees and I think it deserves a bit more of a mention. … Continue reading

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I love Stephen Fry more than I have the words to convey…

Miriam and Shane enjoyed that.

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Perhaps I’m making progress?

Well, you saw my first attempts at drawing people, just so you can see that I am making progress, here are today’s:

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This product just caused me to do such a huge double take…

… that I nearly fell over my own feet in the isle. Apparently it is a diet supplement.

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Sunday morning meanderings

Balancing my coursework requirements with my job hasn’t left me much time to spare for writing here and the one time I did manage it was an epic post that was probably deeply uninteresting to most. Perhaps it is time … Continue reading

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Sometimes I get things right

In the comments to my previous post on the Superfreakonomics witch hunt, I suggested that Joe Romm was misrepresenting things on a level far beyond the people he was accusing of doing the same. Here is a quote from Caldeira … Continue reading

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