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Rebellion pt 2

Wouldn’t it be nice if what was right and wrong was obvious and unchanging? Then we could have one set of rules for all time and be certain than anyone who breaks them deserves to be punished. Society is in … Continue reading

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Rebellien* pt1

This is the first in a two parter. Wouldn’t want to bore you Recently it has come to my attention that I have a bit of a reputation as a rule breaker. I confess that, as a (generally) law abiding … Continue reading

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In amongst all the hype…

Apple have lifted the restriction on VoIP (voice over internet protocols) in apps from the app store*. Technical jargon blah blah obscure computing term blah blah wireless blah blah leaving the path clear for developers blah. Bottom line is that … Continue reading

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Everybody’s talking about Glee

I think you’ll be getting it on E4 shortly, but Glee is coming to Japan next week and is being heavily trailed. The adverts for it star Akebono, a very famous retired sumo wrestler. I think this may tell you … Continue reading

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Japan can be a topsy turvy place. This morning for breakfast I had scotch pancakes, the packet said they were maple and margarine flavour and, sure enough, they were sandwiching a dollop of marg and some syrup. I’ve never thought … Continue reading

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Know thy enemy.

I have just read this article from the Daily Fail. As always, the article disgusted me and the comments at the bottom made me feel physically sick – 286 brave souls agree with Dave from Leicester who would happily sentence … Continue reading

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Still alive, nothing broken

I wouldn’t say I’m a natural snowboarder* but I did begin to get it and I think it is something I could do well enough to make a holiday out of with some perseverance. No photos I’m afraid; I spent … Continue reading

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I‘m going snowboarding for the first time in my life tomorrow. In case I don’t come back, here are some snow related photos for posterity: I went shopping for snowboarding gear on Sunday. The area of Tokyo where all the … Continue reading

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Free Prisoner Ben

**UPDATE: Ben has now been released from prison and, as it had served its purpose, the Facebook campaign page was deleted.** At the age of 14 Ben Gunn killed his friend after an argument. Both boys came from troubled backgrounds … Continue reading

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When I first arrived in Japan, and for the first few months, the faces around me seemed strange and foreign. It was a constant reminder that I was out of my usual environment, but deep down I still felt I … Continue reading

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