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A knotty environmental problem

Generally speaking I am an environmentally conscious supermarket shopper. I carry reusable bags in my handbag and I seldom use plastic carrier bags*. At home, my dustbin takes carrier bags so the ones I do use get reused as bin … Continue reading

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Some graphic design

These just popped into my head this afternoon, so I sat up until 4.30 am doing them. I am an idiot. It only took me that long because my laptop wasn’t up to the job, but I couldn’t stop till … Continue reading

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Money for old rope?

YouGov are looking for people to answer poll questions for them. You get points for filling in questionnaires and when you’ve done about 50 you get a cheque for £50. Sign up using this link and I get a referral … Continue reading

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On prisoners and voting.

The debate seems to go like this: Pro: I don’t care whether you think it is right prisoners have human rights or not, the European Court of Human Rights has decreed that they do and that voting is one of … Continue reading

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Christopher Maloney: meet the Streisand effect.

“The Net treats censorship as damage and routes around it” – John Gilmore. Christopher Maloney is a naturopath in Maine. He calls himself a doctor and prescribes garlic capsules as a cure for H1N1. This is bad, but worse, when … Continue reading

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Call me crazy but…

… this blog is called Going on a Bear Hunt. What’s the point if I’m not going to do the odd scary thing? Tempting. Very tempting.

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Welcome to Going On A Bear Hunt’s new home. It will be a bit rough around the edges for a while as I figure out how to set things up, so please bear with me as I get things under … Continue reading

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Scientists are never 100% certain*

Scientists live in a topsy turvy world of theory, doubt and questioning. We learn to observe evidence and seek it out through careful experimentation. We take our observations and, with meticulous care, we weave each new strand of information into … Continue reading

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It’s only flipping…

SNOWING! That came completely out of nowhere. If you’d have told me yesterday that now it would be snowing I’d have laughed at you. It’s been unseasonably mild for about 10 days and I really thought spring had come already. … Continue reading

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I’ve been reading a book called irrationality. It’s a nice little pop psychology book on what guides our decision making and how, most of the time, it isn’t logic. One interesting observation is that we are much less likely to … Continue reading

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