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Vote Labservative!

This is perhaps the best political campaign I’ve ever seen: “The most important thing we stand for is reelection”

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And while we’re doing them, how about this?

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Sometimes these things just have to be shared:

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Quiz of the day:

When was ciabatta invented? Don’t bother looking on Wiki, the answer isn’t there* Mwah ha ha ha HA. *at the time of writing.

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Word of the day:

parallelepiped. I should probably have known what it meant before today but I didn’t. Now I do.

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Some awesome* videos

*in the literal sense.

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Health Care Reform

I just watched the passing of the American healthcare reform bill live on C-Span. As a Brit living in Japan, it couldn’t really have less of an impact on me and yet I have found the whole process endlessly fascinating … Continue reading

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The day democracy died

I was going to put up a new post of my own today, but there are more important things afoot and I feel my ramblings can wait. Instead, I am taking the unusual step of publishing someone else’s blog post … Continue reading

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A few thoughts

Here is a collection of a few small thoughts I have had recently that aren’t really big enough for a whole post each, I thought I’d bung them together in a miscellany[1]: 1. Apparently I have been Follow Fridayed a bit … Continue reading

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Oh Bottoms!

Today is March 9th, it should be spring now. Before I left the house this morning I checked the weather forecast; it said there was an 80% chance of rain so I made sure I had my brolly. I did … Continue reading

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