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The further pointlessness of Trident

Why scraping Trident is also the best way to get other states to disarm with a brace of thought experiments: 1) Imagine you and I are in my front room, we each have guns pointed at each others’ heads and … Continue reading

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The pointlessness of Trident

I am now going to try and convince you in under 50 words why we should scrap Trident: Heads of state, however rogue, like their cosy lives and wouldn’t be so rash as to use their nukes first, they are … Continue reading

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Understanding the twitterarchy: maximizing your twinfluence

***This post contains copious twords, if you don’t like that sort of thing or think Janet Street-Porter has a point, do not read on. You have been twarned*** Until recently, the Twitter homepage showed an ever-changing list of all tweets … Continue reading

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Twitter is making me smile and it’s all #nickcleggsfault

This morning, in a spectacular own goal, the Dail Fail published a story criticizing Nick Clegg and accusing him of a “Nazi slur on UK“. The so called slur occurred in this article in The Gruniad in 2002, where he … Continue reading

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In case you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been on one.   Here are my two favourite holiday snaps: We spent a  day mooching around Hakone, which is a big national park in the mountains near Fuji. Sadly, it was a little … Continue reading

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Today there was a little bit of win for science and for reason.

The British Chiropractic Association have dropped their ridiculous libel against Simon Singh. Original story from Ben Goldacre.

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Collateral Murder Video

This may be the first place you see this video, but if you hang around very much online, I suspect it won’t be the last. The video contains real helicopter gunship footage of American troops gunning down unarmed Iraqi civilians … Continue reading

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Word of Mouth

I just spent 40 minutes on the phone to Barclays getting passed from person to person, sitting on hold or listening to phones ringing out before hanging up and trying again. Eventually, I phoned the same line I’d phoned the … Continue reading

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Strong Beliefs Weakly Held

It is well known amongst psychologists that human beings are inordinately and irrationally fond of their own ideas, even after they have been roundly disproved. It’s at its most ugly in global warming and other debates where denialists are to … Continue reading

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Professor James Lovelock is a dangerous nut.

In this interview from The Today Program on the threat from global warming, he spouts such gems as; “it [climate change] didn’t happen in one of these smooth curves like these one of these modelers produce, it moved in a … Continue reading

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