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Blog Wisdom (Blodom?)

I often refer to Bob Sutton’s management blog as it is a frequent source of wisdom. Today is no exception, the only difference being one of his commenters also came up with a saying I rather like. Will Lichtig: “The … Continue reading

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I was taken by this cartoon from Bob Sutton. It says it all really.

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Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!

I absolutely love this guy; his opinions on education speak to my soul. He’s funny too. I’ve finished my art class now and, although I have definitely passed, I won’t have achieved the grade I’m fairly sure I’m capable of. … Continue reading

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Happy Everyone Draw Mohammad Day!

Yup, you read that right. If you didn’t know, today has been designated Everyone Draw Mohammad Day. It’s an act of rebellion standing up for free speech. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they wish, but no one has … Continue reading

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That’s a wrap

I’ve finished my art course When I set out to do this, I was very worried I wouldn’t be able to keep all the balls in the air but, as it happened, that turned out out to be the least … Continue reading

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A brace of videos on the most bracing of energy solutions.

When I watch videos like this, I want to shout from the roof top in frustration “WHY AREN’T WE ALREADY DOING THIS?!” In the light of the ongoing and increasingly worrisome Horizon oil spill it becomes even more relevant. I’d … Continue reading

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As the dust settles, some Japanese huhbutwhatnow?!

Well, we have our ConDemNation (I didn’t coin the term, don’t blame me) and most people seem to have reacted with cautious optimism. Not the press, of course, they’re doing their best to tear it apart already but, hey, waddya … Continue reading

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Why now is not the time for the Liberal Democrats to play safe

Or “What I know now that I didn’t know two days ago”. Before the election I went out on a limb and expressed the view that maybe, just maybe, the opinion polls were underestimating the strength of Liberal Democrat support. … Continue reading

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Open Letter to the Liberal Democrat Executive

The dust has settled and we are left with a well and truly hung parliament. I won’t bore you with comment and analysis, I’m sure you are sick of it, but there is one thing we need to discuss. ¬†After … Continue reading

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