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This is beyond cool*. I’m off to turn the light on and off as fast as I can and put a colander over the lamp, fill the room with steam and pretend I’m at a rave. *so far beyond cool … Continue reading

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Strrrong like bull!

Today I went for a routine medical for my new job (which I will be starting on Thurdsay). For the first time in my life, I had an ECG. It wasn’t like on the TV: there were no sticky electrodes, … Continue reading

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Sie Liebt Dich

Why? Why not? And while we’re on obscure recordings of obscure Beatles songs, ever heard this one before? And, as the way of these things, that obscure Beatles track reminded me of something else, so here’s Seu Jorge singing Bowie … Continue reading

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You think you’ve got it bad?

In Tokyo, the average commute for suburbanites who work in the city is 90 mins each way and increasing. No wonder sleeping on the train is a national pass time. In the Japanese summer this means travelling long distances through … Continue reading

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Carlsburg don’t make pedestrian crossings; but if they did, they’d probably make this one.

Shibuya Hachiko crossing is probably the busiest and most famous pedestrian crossing in the world. It was a little quiet today*, but I got there just after sunset so it was unusually pretty. *No, really. I’m not being facetious, that … Continue reading

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Some days the news seems to come at you in a solid wall of sickening tales of human behaviour. I don’t believe in evil, although I do believe in evil acts. I don’t believe a fully-functioning and mentally sound human-being … Continue reading

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Now this is MY kind of research XKCD, of course.

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iPod discoveries

One of the nice things about an iPod is the way you can fill it with a random selection from your collection. Much of the time that means skipping through the tunes you posses but don’t really like or aren’t … Continue reading

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Dolphins. Thunderous ones.

Yesterday I went on the Thunder Dolphin* roller coaster in Tokyo. This coaster weaves in and out of buildings in Tokyo and goes through the middle of a Ferris wheel. What it lacks in length (it only takes around a … Continue reading

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Apparently US geologists have found a $1trillion deposit of Lithium in Afghanistan. As Stephen Fry said: “Dare one hope that good will come out of it?”. It will be very difficult as it is in an area with some of … Continue reading

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