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Professional politicians

I cannot stand professional politicians. By that, I mean people who have got a degree in politics and then gone straight into an internship with an MP (perhaps via a spell working in the NUS[1]) and worked themselves up to … Continue reading

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Good weather, bad weather

I went hiking last weekend. There were some lovely views and a colony of feral cats. It was HOT: Then, the next day it was armagedon: Amazing sky isn’t it? It was about half an hour before sunset (hence the … Continue reading

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Customer Service

I will be in Switzerland next week, I needed to inform my banks so that they don’t think my cards have been stolen and stop them if I use them. Here is how the conversations went: Me: I will be … Continue reading

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Donate now to the Pakistan flood relief effort

Update: The comments after this BBC article on the floods made me very angry. Many of them amount to “I’m not helping because they aren’t” (“they” being Islamic nations such as Saudi Arabia). Refusing to help because no one else … Continue reading

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Roll of honor

I’m fairly realistic about humans and the things they do, on the whole. I don’t expect much from society and I am seldom disappointed. I try and keep abreast of the latest developments in human selfishness and depravity as, in … Continue reading

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Earworm research

I am participating in this study on earworms by Goldsmiths. As I get them I have to record myself singing them, together with a few other bits of info, and then send the researchers the files. Now I am focused … Continue reading

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Dalton Ghetti

This is Dalton Ghetti. He makes incredible sculptures from the tips of pencils using only a sewing needle and a craft knife. Like Willard Wigan he works without any magnification. Remarkable. More here.

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Time to stop the “debate”?

I am tired of reading the same rubbish spouted by climate denialists wherever a news agency publishes a story on climate change and then leaves it open for comment. The pattern is always the same: some idiot unthinkingly repeats a … Continue reading

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Flattr me

Making money on the internet is hard. People are used to getting content for free and, because you can find everything on the internet, if you start charging then your customers will find someone who doesn’t. ┬áRupert Murdoch has put … Continue reading

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Penta-goons threaten Wikileaks

I have blogged extensively about Twitter and why I think it is a good thing but, concisely, I consider the vast majority of tweets to be crud but every now and again it is the first place to break a … Continue reading

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