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Road trip!

OK, it wasn’t a road trip, it was a rail tour, but road trip sounds better. Our route was Tokyo -> Nikko -> Nagoya -> Hikone -> Nara -> Hiroshima -> Osaka -> Hakone, and we travelled on many trains … Continue reading

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You’ll find me in two, three and, occasionally, seven.

The above image from Neuroskeptic details the nine circles of scientific hell with the punishments the author deems reasonable. Neuroskeptic makes the point that in Dante’s original poem there was space for all men in Hell because even good people … Continue reading

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What? It can’t be that time again already?!

No, you’re right, it isn’t – but it’s not that far off. If you think you know what this is all about, keep schtum. If you don’t have a clue, well you’re just going to have to wait a bit … Continue reading

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I blog and I don’t pull my punches when I do so. So far, my blog is too small to attract much attention and I have yet to write any posts seriously attacking the kind of people who sling libel … Continue reading

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A small thought on trolling and some other stuff…

First, the small thought on trolling: I’ve noticed that trolling is often no longer the big problem it used to be. By calling obnoxious posters out as trolls when they first post, we seem able to stem the tide of … Continue reading

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Kim Rugg – wickedly patient

This grabbed me more than usual.

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Today I’m going to link to an entry in Charlie’s Diary because he says all there is to say on this really. That’s where I read about this and sometimes I just think mirroring a story is a good idea. … Continue reading

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