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It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

So let me see if I have this straight… American banks invented really dodgy credit products, which they sold to people they knew couldn’t afford to pay them back, and then sold the liability on to other banks, many of … Continue reading

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Aaaaand we’re back…

What an eventful 2 weeks. While I was off shovelling mud one of my friends (and occasional blog tech support) got engaged (congratulations Charlotte and Dave!) and another had a baby (congratulations the Bromleys!), marvelous Sorry the moblogging stopped abruptly … Continue reading

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There is a constant stream of short-stay volunteers coming and going. Their buses leave very early in the morning and they generally start packing up around 5.15. We don’t need to get up until 7 but because they are awake … Continue reading

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The noise of 100 exhausted people sleeping on a factory floor is strangely similar to a jungle at night. I am incapable of holding on to more than one ear plug for an entire night. Yesterday, after an overnight bus … Continue reading

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Travelling light?

I have just finished packing for my trip on Friday. I got everything in my bag, sort of. Close enough that I can manage it all anyway. Out of interest, I weighed the bags: they total 23 kg (51 lbs), … Continue reading

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Going on a bear hunt

Yesterday I attended the orientation session for my trip with Peaceboat to Ishinomaki. In the run up to the series of bank holidays that occurs at the start of May called Golden Week, Peaceboat were overrun with volunteers and were … Continue reading

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Compassion my arse.

Here’s an account of the death of Big Rinty by his friend Erwin James: And Prisoner Ben’s take: Denying compassionate release twice in the last 6 weeks of a man’s life, and then finally granting it the day … Continue reading

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Enough is enough

People suck. Right now, 6 men are sitting inside a tiny capsule inside an institute in Moscow pretending they are on a mission to Mars. They have been inside their tiny little capsule almost exactly a year and they are … Continue reading

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#16 Not every lesson has to be profound…

The band Orbital took their name from the newly built M25 that enabled party goers to easily get to┬áimpromptu┬áraves around the home counties in the early to mid ’80s.

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