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#4 How not to legislate

It is a fact, perhaps not as well known as it should be, that, until recently, if you were a British student attending a university in the UK, the Government paid 60% of your course fees. That contribution wasn’t available … Continue reading

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#3 Fire and ice

I’ve just got back from a lovely weekend snowboarding in Nozawa Onsen, a quaint little town nestling in the mountains west of Tokyo. Once a year, the town comes together for their annual fire festival and some friends and I … Continue reading

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#2 To bee or not to bee?

Avaaz is a global grass-roots lobbying organisation. They are the biggest of the new wave of groups taking full advantage of the internet to help individuals like you and me connect with others with similar views so as to more … Continue reading

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#1 – All the most successful blogs have a theme

When I started this blog I was really just writing it for myself. I have never kept a diary; I live very much in the present and writing down what has happened just so I can remind myself of it … Continue reading

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Did you think cold winters meant we were off the hook?

More fool you: The problem with scientific research is that we can extrapolate trends moderately well, but we aren’t very good at specifics. We can confidently state that the world is getting hotter, on average, year by year and that … Continue reading

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Dear Liberal Democrats…

I understand what being part of a coalition means. I understand that, as the very minor party in a coalition, your power over what is essentially a Tory government is limited. I even understand that you will have to pinch … Continue reading

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