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**UPDATE 17th March 12.00** Outlets like the Guardian are reporting the FCO are recommending British residents leave Tokyo because of radiation fears. This irresponsible journalism is utterly incorrect fear mongering rubbish. Pay no attention. The truth is that the FCO … Continue reading

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#12 Life goes on for those that can: there isn’t really an alternative.

13/03 8.30 pm There is now no doubt that there has been at least a partial meltdown of Fukushima Daiichi reactor 1 and probably reactor 3 as well. A hydrogen explosion in reactor 3 similar to that seen in reactor … Continue reading

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#11 Earthquakes are a bit scary: who knew?!

**Update 4 (13/03 11.00 am)** The first rumours of a confirmed meltdown at Fukushima are coming through. **Update 3 (13/03 09.30 am)** Things continue to be fine in Tokyo, although rolling blackouts are scheduled from tomorrow as there are so … Continue reading

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#10 Activism is a lonely road

The biggest challenge facing any campaigner comes not from the people who think you’re wrong, but from the people who’d rather you shut up so they don’t have to think at all. Here’s an interesting post from John Pilger on … Continue reading

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#9 Even restaurants should be judged by more than their appearances

Today I visited Ganko Ramen, a shop just 10 mins walk from my new apt[1]. It’s an ugly little shop, and by little, I mean tiny. It’s the ground floor of a wedge shaped building “so sharp you could cut … Continue reading

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