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#16 Not every lesson has to be profound…

The band Orbital took their name from the newly built M25 that enabled party goers to easily get to impromptu raves around the home counties in the early to mid ’80s.

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#15 Sometimes *not* volunteering is the toughest choice

I said in my post of a few days ago that society is stronger than we think, and that when a disaster like The Great Tohoku Earthquake occurs people of all backgrounds come together to help, and I stand by that, … Continue reading

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#14: Mothballing your blog will make you think of things to write about.

It turns out I do have something to get strident about on the internet, and I should have known really, this close to only the second referendum to cover the whole UK in the history of our parliament, that AV … Continue reading

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Don’t say goodbye, say au revoir

I have mentioned a couple of times that I felt I was running out of blogging steam and, since March 11th, getting all strident on the internet hasn’t seemed so important. I’m not so foolish as to say “never” but, … Continue reading

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#13 Society is stronger than we think

When something like the earthquake (it’s already being called “the great earthquake”) of March 11th happens, politicians and the press are always quick to tell us people are panicking, we must be afraid of looters and that they can’t tell … Continue reading

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