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Why we shouldn’t be afraid of synthetic biology

No # today, because this is a science blogging post and not A Thing I Have Learned. I just read a fantastically interesting New York Times article on Craig Venter and his attempt to create artificial life. It’s a great … Continue reading

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#25 To be successful, first do the things you love.

I just watched this TED talk (at the bottom) and was almost moved to tears. If I had been in the audience, I too would have been on my feet at the end. My bearhunt is moving on. The bit … Continue reading

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#24 That’s trilling!

I am learning Spanish, which requires me to practice trilling (rolling my Rs). I started learning French when I was very young and, while I never progressed to any sort of useful level, it did teach me the French trill, … Continue reading

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#23 safety nets are still nets

A few weeks ago I quit my job: I woke up one morning and realised I didn’t need it and it wasn’t making me happy. It was a bit more complicated than that; I’ve got a place on my dream … Continue reading

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#22 Store your carrots upright

Well, who knew! Leeks and carrots keep better out of the fridge and upright: This project from Jihyun Ryou takes a fresh look* at how we store our food. I love the way this set up looks great in your kitchen … Continue reading

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#21 Don’t buy the cheap nattou

It smells like petrol and regret and made me pull this face:

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#20 How to independently raise my right eyebrow

When I was about 18 I expended a small amount of effort in learning to raise my left eyebrow so as to more precisely convey a quizzical mood. Over the years I have perfected this expression such that a friend recently described … Continue reading

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#19 Commit

My creative process has four distinct emotional stages: 1. Mind numbing dread and emptiness because I have no inspiration. None. None at all. 2. Excitement and glee as the germ of an idea appears and then sprouts. 3. Crushing dispair as … Continue reading

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#18 Record your lessons.

I have barely written anything here for more than a year, but Bearhunt was always just sleeping and never dead. I thought I didn’t have much to say, and perhaps I didn’t at the time, but looking back over the … Continue reading

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