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Make up your own mind #flotilla

Lately, I have started getting my news from Al Jazeera as the quality of reporting seems much higher than the alternatives. Today they published this blog post by Jamal Elshayyal, an Al Jazeera journalist and British national who was embedded … Continue reading

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Happy Everyone Draw Mohammad Day!

Yup, you read that right. If you didn’t know, today has been designated Everyone Draw Mohammad Day. It’s an act of rebellion standing up for free speech. Everyone has the right to believe whatever they wish, but no one has … Continue reading

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Scientists are never 100% certain*

Scientists live in a topsy turvy world of theory, doubt and questioning. We learn to observe evidence and seek it out through careful experimentation. We take our observations and, with meticulous care, we weave each new strand of information into … Continue reading

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WARNING: more extreme atheism from Tim Minchin

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Tim Minchin

I love this, especially the bit about being 9000 miles from home, although the white wine in the sun bit doesn’t really work in the northern hemisphere. Warning: contains extreme atheism

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This product just caused me to do such a huge double take…

… that I nearly fell over my own feet in the isle. Apparently it is a diet supplement.

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Faith and science

I believe the majority of people who read this are atheists, but I think I also have a few readers who are religious too. I generally stay away from the issue here, but I have a question I would like … Continue reading

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