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#17 Talented arseholes CAN run companies better than non-arseholes*

*they’d better be pretty bloody talented though! Look! A new blog post! Crickey, that’s been a while then… The last 9 months has been a real whirlwind roller-coaster (is that possible?). It contained some of the lowest lows of my … Continue reading

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It would be funny if it weren’t so sad.

So let me see if I have this straight… American banks invented really dodgy credit products, which they sold to people they knew couldn’t afford to pay them back, and then sold the liability on to other banks, many of … Continue reading

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#14: Mothballing your blog will make you think of things to write about.

It turns out I do have something to get strident about on the internet, and I should have known really, this close to only the second referendum to cover the whole UK in the history of our parliament, that AV … Continue reading

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#10 Activism is a lonely road

The biggest challenge facing any campaigner comes not from the people who think you’re wrong, but from the people who’d rather you shut up so they don’t have to think at all. Here’s an interesting post from John Pilger on … Continue reading

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#7 Repercussions can go further than you imagine

The momentous events in the Middle East seem to be spreading; regimes are toppling like dominoes. Perhaps the most appealing part of the story so far has been the organisation of the protesters in Egypt – this interactive BBC map … Continue reading

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I can’t celebrate for the people of Egypt yet.

Today we’ve heard very good news from Egypt, but I can’t quite bring myself to break out the bunting yet. Over-throwing the old government is the comparatively easy bit of a revolution, building a new one takes years not days … Continue reading

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If you don’t care enough to vote, your vote shouldn’t count.

Labour Lords, with the help of a couple of rebellious Tories, have just managed to pass an amendment to the voting reform bill that means that, should turnout fall below 40%, the vote is non-binding and the Government can choose … Continue reading

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#5 Discretion is the better part of valour

Is it wrong to provide a fleeing despot with sanctuary¬†if doing so makes him more likely to go? According to the Guardian, the German papers are today full of speculation that Hosni Mubarak may be given medical treatment and shelter … Continue reading

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#2 To bee or not to bee?

Avaaz is a global grass-roots lobbying organisation. They are the biggest of the new wave of groups taking full advantage of the internet to help individuals like you and me connect with others with similar views so as to more … Continue reading

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Did you think cold winters meant we were off the hook?

More fool you: The problem with scientific research is that we can extrapolate trends moderately well, but we aren’t very good at specifics. We can confidently state that the world is getting hotter, on average, year by year and that … Continue reading

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