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#25 To be successful, first do the things you love.

I just watched this TED talk (at the bottom) and was almost moved to tears. If I had been in the audience, I too would have been on my feet at the end. My bearhunt is moving on. The bit … Continue reading

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#19 Commit

My creative process has four┬ádistinct emotional stages: 1. Mind numbing dread and emptiness because I have no inspiration. None. None at all. 2. Excitement and glee as the germ of an idea appears and then sprouts. 3. Crushing dispair as … Continue reading

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#17 Talented arseholes CAN run companies better than non-arseholes*

*they’d better be pretty bloody talented though! Look! A new blog post! Crickey, that’s been a while then… The last 9 months has been a real whirlwind roller-coaster (is that possible?). It contained some of the lowest lows of my … Continue reading

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A quick post about tuition fees

The Government’s website factsonfees needs to be more widely known about. It busts some prevalent myths and makes it clear that, for the vast majority of people, the new system about which we are all so upset is actually better … Continue reading

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David Cameron fails to grasp the meaning of compassion

Our esteemed Prime Minister has said: It is absolutely clear that Raoul Moat was a callous murderer, full stop, end of story. I cannot understand any wave, however small, of public sympathy for this man. There should be sympathy for … Continue reading

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Some days the news seems to come at you in a solid wall of sickening tales of human behaviour. I don’t believe in evil, although I do believe in evil acts. I don’t believe a fully-functioning and mentally sound human-being … Continue reading

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Strong Beliefs Weakly Held

It is well known amongst psychologists that human beings are inordinately and irrationally fond of their own ideas, even after they have been roundly disproved. It’s at its most ugly in global warming and other debates where denialists are to … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform

I just watched the passing of the American healthcare reform bill live on C-Span. As a Brit living in Japan, it couldn’t really have less of an impact on me and yet I have found the whole process endlessly fascinating … Continue reading

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Scientists are never 100% certain*

Scientists live in a topsy turvy world of theory, doubt and questioning. We learn to observe evidence and seek it out through careful experimentation. We take our observations and, with meticulous care, we weave each new strand of information into … Continue reading

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